VTS Video Telematics Server

The VTS-Server (video telematics server) is the core of Trajet’s Video-/Telematics-Solution.

The data of all units are sent to this server via the mobile network and stored there. Only secured VPN-connections are used for transmission to ensure a high degree of data protection. On demand the data can be encrypted as well. There are no personal data stored on the VTS-Server. The units are identified via their serial-numbers or the license plate of a vehicle. A link to a person or driver can only be obtained by authorized users.


Here a listing of some of the available features:


Map-View: shows the actual position of all installed vehicles and their actual Status


Incident-View: shows a listing of all reported incidents together with an accurate timestamp. Different thresholds allow the differentiation between high, medium and low incidents. An incident report can be created on demand (see graphics at the right) and the related video downloaded


Video-View: all available videos are listed here. The videos for high events are automatically transmitted to the server and can be downloaded from here. The videos for medium or low events are not automatically transmitted but buffered on the units. An upload to the server and a download afterwards can be initiated from here


Driver-Statistics: the system calculates a certain risk-score for every unit. Basis is the count of the different incidents for a certain travelled distance. This allows to determine possible risk factors ahead of time and to take the proper measures (f.e. training) to eliminate those


Maintenance and remote-control: different tools are available for this purpose. The units create detailed log-files for an eventual failure-diagnostics. Important parameters are continuous transmitted to the server and monitored there. Software-updates and configuration-changes can be done OTA from the Server