Everec 342

The system Everec 342 is a compact digital 2-channel-recorder. It has been designed for automotive applications.

It consists of a base station with an integrated and 1 additional external camera. The serial digital camera interface allows for a cable length of more than 10m. The thin coaxial cable transmits the data but also supplies the power for the camera.

The camera imaging sensors are developed for mobile applications. They ensure high image quality even under difficult light conditions or during fast movements. The integrated GPS-module analyzes GPS and GLONASS signals at the same time. This way positions, routes and velocities can be monitored with high precision. The built in 3-axis g-force-sensor not only keeps a record about the driver behavior. 3 adjustable thresholds can initiate alarms or other processes. All data are stored on an exchangeable SD-card. The access to the card is secured through a lockable closure.

Additionally the system contains a UMTS or CDMA modem. This safeguards the ability to transmit certain alarms or events and the related videos directly to a protected server via the mobile network. A TLS-protocol is used to secure the data-transfer. The embedded battery assures a safe completion of all running processes during an eventual loss of power. Authorized user can access the data by using a web-interface. An API-interface allows the easy integration in partner- and customer-networks.