Everec 310 / IT500

The system Everec 310 is a compact digital single camera system. It has been designed for automotive applications. The supplied mounts allow for an easy front shield installation. In parallel they protect from foreign light and reflections. The imaging sensor is developed for mobile applications. It ensures high image quality even under difficult light conditions or during fast movements. The integrated GPS-module analyzes GPS and GLONASS signals at the same time. This way positions, routes and velocities can be monitored with high precision. The built in 3-axis g-force-sensor not only keeps a record about the driver behavior. 3 adjustable thresholds can initiate alarms or other processes. All data are stored on an exchangeable SD-card. The access to the card is secured through a lockable closure. The embedded battery assures a safe completion of all running processes during an eventual loss of power. The dedicated VTS-player software allows the visualization and analysis of the recorded data. 


Here you will find our product flyers and other information as PDF files for download.