Mobile traffic monitoring

The digital video recorder Everec 411 has been specially developed for mobile traffic monitoring. In addition to the recording of high quality videos, the current vehicle speed is transmitted via a GPS receiver. This is superimposed transparently in the image for documentation purposes. The Everec 411 records videos in MPEG4 format as well as audio, if desired.

The recorder can be quite easily operated in the vehicle with two buttons. One button starts or stops the recording; the other button allows a switching between the cameras connected. Additionally, the recording function can be automated with an external switching contact.

The Everec 411 can be operated with a variety of cameras. In the automotive area, the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) cameras are particularly recommended to guarantee a high image quality in any weather.

As an additional feature, a monitor can be installed into the sun shield to directly display the camera image.


The delivery scope of the set consists of:

  • Everec 411 recorder
  • Vehicle camera Everec 132
  • Complete cable harness with all operating elements

The following accessories are available:

  • Vehicle camera Everec 133 with WDR
  • Sun shield monitor
  • GPS Receiver