Mobile traffic monitoring recorder

The Everec 410G digital video recorder was designed specifically for mobile traffic monitoring applications. In addition to capturing high quality video footage, the companion GPS receiver enables speed, position and time data to be shown as supporting evidence stamped on the recording. This appears as a translucent overlay on the video footage. The Everec 410G records MPEG4 video in full PAL quality and records  MP3 audio.

When installed in a vehicle, the Everec 410G is controlled using only two buttons; One to start/stop the recorder and the second button to switch between the connected cameras. An optional zoom package is available that employs a wired remote control unit for an Everec 170 Zoom Camera. It also provides wired remote control play-back from the Everec 410G recorder. 

Standard 410G set includes:

  • Everec 410G recorder.
  • One automotive PAL camera.
  • GPS receiver.
  • Automotive wiring harness complete with two vehicle installable buttons.

Additional Zoom package includes:

  • Everec 170 Zoom camera.
  • Everec 410 Remote Control (wired).