Consistently high product quality and a good price-performance ratio depend first and foremost on the quality of purchased parts from external suppliers. Other essential criteria are:

  • Continuous and consistent supplier quality
  • Clear evidence of continuous improvement
  • The supply of complete, fully functional units
  • Flexible supply volumes
  • Punctuality

Trajet GmbH works closely with its suppliers on ongoing quality improvements.

All suppliers are regularly assessed according to set quality criteria, and actions for improvement are defined on this basis. Firms wishing to become Trajet suppliers must meet the following requirements:

  • Implementation of a quality management system which meets all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Zero error strategy undertaking
  • Signature of a quality assurance agreement with Trajet

If you would like to become a Trajet supplier, please complete the supplier declaration and e-mail it to: